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We want to let you do you, by being the creative genius that you are! Let us protect your intellectual property as your lawyer, while you focus on innovating your industry.

We’ve helped countless creatives just like you protect their artistry and secure the rights to their ideas. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to claim your intellectual property as your own.

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Intellectual Property Lawyer Serving International and US-based Brands

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Entertainment Lawyer For Arts Industry Professionals

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Business Transaction Attorney for Entrepreneurs

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Outside General Counsel and Support for Small Business and Entrepreneurs



Protecting the Rights and Original Ideas of Creatives, Entertainers, Fashion Designers, and Business Owners

What does it mean to have an attorney on your side as you share your creative brilliance with the world? 


At Antonisha L. Baker Law, having an attorney on your side who is well versed in the areas of intellectual property, entertainment law, and business transactions can make all the difference when you want to monetize your original ideas.

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We'd love to start working with you.

We'd love to start working with you.

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“Attorney Baker's expertise and service are unmatched. She is incredibly reliable, thoughtful, and intelligent. Her dedication to assisting entrepreneurs with building their business the right way shows in her work and the success of her clients. She is accurate with her trademark searches and fillings, swift with preparing business documents, and available for sound advice and counsel. We have worked together for several years and she is undoubtedly an asset in any business collaboration. Her reputation within our legal community is stellar and I am honored to have her as a collegue."

Dayna Thomas Cook, Esq.

Founder and Managing Attorney of The Law Office of Dayna Thomas, LLC

Award-Winning Attorney, Published Author, and Entrepreneurship Coach

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 Attorney Atonisha L. Baker works to not only protect the rights of her clients through intellectual property, entertainment, and business law, but she also seeks to educate her clients about what is included in that protection. Once you have a trademark, you want to know how to enforce it. Once you have a copyright, what does that mean? Attorney Baker has extensive experience working with innovators at every level, from Fortune 100 corporations to domestic and international small businesses and startups looking to bring their businesses endeavors to the United States.

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