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Trademark and Copyright Attorney Serving Innovative Business Owners

Creators need an experienced legal mind on their side when it comes to developing the best approach to securing their trademarks and copyrights and enforcing those aspects of intellectual property. When you find yourself in a dispute over rights, you want to make sure you have an advocate who is knowledgeable and experienced.

Trademark registration For Your Brand

When you have a carefully crafted strategy for your brand, you understand that trademarking is a critical component of both protecting your intellectual property and monetizing your ideas. Securing your brand’s mark, including your business name, logo, slogans, symbols, etc. can set your business apart in today’s crowded marketplace. While having a trademark in and of itself can elevate the status of your business, simply having the mark protected is not where it ends. 


When you work with Antonisha L. Baker (ALB), you will have an attorney on your side who has consistently secured over 1,000 brand trademarks from brands ranging from large companies to emerging startups from all over the world.

Securing Your CopyrighT Registration

Having a copyright attorney as you bring forth your creative ideas through a book, graphic design, photography, music, clothing design, choreography, plays, etc. can help you successfully register and enforce your copyright. Copyrights can be nuanced and tricky, because, under current US law, copyright rests upon creation, however, copyright protection must be registered in order to be enforced in court.


We can say that we have a high rate of success litigating and securing federal copyright and trademark registrations, but what does that mean for you? That means ALB has a longstanding record of successfully securing the IP of our clients, and you will have all of that experience at your disposal when you work with us. 

After our clients secure their intellectual property and work with us to develop a strategic plan for enforcement, Attorney Baker works closely with them to develop a plan to monetize their IP and dominate their market.

Seeking to protect, enforce and grow your brand? Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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