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The entertainment industry is often depicted as being filled with glitz, glamour, and sharks. If you're in the music, film, fashion, or television industry, the best way to navigate the high life and the treacherous waters, is to have a strong advocate on your side in the form of an experienced entertainment lawyer.


Advocating for Entertainers and Influencers in Music, Film, Arts, Fashion and more

Having worked with entertainers and talented creatives in most major US markets (Miami/South Florida, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc.), Attorney Baker provides her clients with the necessary resources to educate themselves as they reach for the stars. Whether you are signing a deal, negotiating a contract, securing an endorsement, or seeking royalties, the ALB team manages the legalities, so that you can enjoy the glamorous side of entertainment securely.

How an Entertainment Lawyer Can Help You

ALB is an independent firm that works on behalf of our clients, the talent. When you are attempting to land contracts with major entertainment companies, as an actor/actress, musician, writer, model, or fashion designer, you will be handed contracts carefully drafted by their big team of lawyers. You will want to be sure that you have secured your own legal representation, with your best interests in mind. Attorney Baker’s primary objective is what is best for you,

our client.


We welcome you to contact us today for a consultation to see how our entertainment law services can support you as you navigate the entertainment industry.

Seeking to protect, enforce and grow your brand? Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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