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entrepreneurial services

 At The Law Office of Antonisha L. Baker, we believe in celebrating and cultivating the grit of entrepreneurs. Starting a company is not easy, and for business owners, managing the legal side of their organization can be stressful.  Attorney Baker works hand-in-hand with business owners who are seeking to:

  • Form New Entities

  • Develop Reusable Client Contractor, and Employment Contract Templates

  • Engage In Joint Ventures

  • Sell Their Business 

  • Review Commerical Contracts

  • Develop Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Dissolve Business Partnerships

  • Negotiate Contracts

  • Acquire Large Equipment

Contracts and Negotiations for Business Owners

If you can think of it, there’s a contract for it. When owning and operating a business, it is best practice to avoid handshake and verbal agreements as much as possible. It can be easy to use your favorite search engine to find contract templates or to trust someone you know with an important aspect of your business. What happens when you take these shortcuts, however, can cause a bigger headache and more stress. Your templates can be missing a key component of contracts within your state or industry, and your friend could simply not show up to work, or share your trade secrets.  When you do not have agreements and legally binding documents in place for your business, the risk you take with something you’ve worked so hard for is not worth it. 


Attorney Baker has successfully represented clients through litigation, contract negotiations, business formations, and disputes.  Working with a law firm like ALB will provide you with peace of mind and the time you need to spend growing your business and coming up with new ideas. 


Contact our office today to learn more about our startup packages.

Are you interested in having a professional draft or review your contracts? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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